OOC: Announcement

Guys. We’re not bringing Cirdan on as a permanent character. We can’t. That kind of defeats the purpose of ‘ask the House of Elrond’ as Cirdan is at the Grey Havens. (Oropher only came back to Mirkwood because he’s a Mirkwood character/the father of the current king of Mirkwood, grandfather of the heir to the throne) Next time we do a Crossover thing we’ll bring Cirdan on, if we remember and if whoever is going to be on writing the characters feels like they can write Cirdan. We’re not going to get rid of any of our permanent characters (such as Elladan, Elrohir, and Estel) to bring him on when he’s not from Rivendell. Any questions you have for Cirdan can wait until the crossover, or if they can’t and are causing you to lose sleep at night, I am sure there will be an ask blog for him out there somewhere. You cannot force us to bring Cirdan on randomly or to bring him on permanently. Please don’t try to. 

That is all.


PS. Thanks to the people who are willing to help out with the blog. We really appreciate it, and we’re gonna do the hat draw thing probably at the end of week. :)


Anonymous asked: Why is Cirdan not invited to your suareys?

Arwen: He’s usually preoccupied with his ship building… 

Elrond: And he kind of stopped visiting us when Estel wouldn’t stop playing with his beard and asking questions about it.

Estel: I was 5 and the twins told me elves don’t grow beards!!

Elrond: *facepalm* 


Anonymous asked: Elrond, your house is really pretty!

Elrond: Thank you. ^_^ You do not know the effort that’s been put into keeping it that way. *glares at his children* 

Elladan: Haha. 

Elrohir: About that.

Estel: It has never been my fault.

Arwen: *batting eyelashes* I’ve always been a sweet little princess, I wouldn’t do anything to cause you stress, Adar.

Elrond: Mhm. 


Anonymous asked: Why does Rivendell seem so empty in the movies(Hobbit and LotR)?

Elrond: The Rivendell people are not stupid. They know when to hide. 

Erestor: We have a list, you see, of what do to in certain situations. And the first on the list is ‘if Gandalf is coming by for a visit, make yourself scarce.’ 

Glorfindel: The second on the list is ‘if Estel is coming home, disappear’ 

Elrohir: Third on the list ‘If Legolas is with him. Run.’ 

Elladan: Fourth ‘if the three of them are coming to Rivendell together. Escape through the secret passages and seek refuge with the Galadhrim or Thranduil’s people.’ 

Lindir: Five is ‘if the three of them are already in sight of Rivendell and you have not left… you are trapped, you cannot get out, they are coming.’ 

Arwen: And it kind of goes on to explain what to do if a bunch of Dwarves shows up, and how to handle hobbits. It’s a very extensive list… I believe Thranduil has something similar… 

OOC: Announcement/Apologies


Arya and I apologize for not answering questions lately. I’ve just started university and have mostly been avoiding Tumblr (aside from keeping my Queue up) as hate for many things shows up on my dashboard far too often and it either makes me feel like crap or it makes me want to murder someone. Hate like Moffat hate, Loki hate, Thranduil hate, Cis hate, white hate. Just hate in general. People will actually go out of their way to say they disagree with hate UNLESS it’s hate against (x) person or thing. And I don’t want to start unfollowing people because I’ll just never stop. And some people don’t seem to understand the difference between abusing someone and stopping someone from being abused, (yes, WTNV fandom, I am looking at you) so I really don’t know how long I’m going to be kicking around on Tumblr for… :/ 

So, with that being said. I’m really not sure how long our ask blogs are gonna be around for. As Jafa left Tumblr quite a while ago, I haven’t spoken to Daisy in IDK a long time, I’m considering leaving, and Arya is easily distracted, and also busy. But if any of you guys wanna help out, that would be lovely. You’d just need an approximate knowledge of Middle-earth, and be willing to research when a question is asked that you don’t know the answer to, and it’s always a good idea to double check your information even if you think it’s correct. Arya and I would be happy to give you a crash course in Middle-earth history and characters if you require it. (I really like making power points, sue me.) 

If any of you guys do want to help, message my personal tumblr at Thranduilland.tumblr.com/ask and say something like ‘hey I’d like to help out on the blogs’. You will have to be off anon. (Sorry.) We’ll put the urls in a hat and draw out one or two, and whoever we draw out will join our ranks. :) 

Anyway, as you were.



Anonymous asked: Any embarrassing stories about Elrond?

Elrond: There are none alive that can tell such stories, anon.

Glorfindel: Well I can, and Celeborn and Galadriel and Gandalf and your children and your wife and-

Elrond: Shush. Let me re-phrase. There are none here who would dare tell such stories.

Glorfindel: I would.

Elrond: *gives infamous raises eyebrow glare*

Glorfindel: Stories? I know none.


Anonymous asked: Dear Erestor, one of my favourite quotes from LotR is 'Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.' Does this technically put you out of a job, since you are an advisor?

Erestor: *smiles sweetly* Technically yes, but in reality? No. 


Anonymous asked: How many pranks did the twins pull on you?

Elrond: On me specifically or on Rivendell as a whole?

Elrohir: Either way, the answer is ‘a lot’

Elrond: … I don’t even know why I bothered with a distinction…

Elladan: Neither do we… 


Anonymous asked: Hey Gandalf, what do you think of Dumbledore? And who would win in a duel, Harry or Aragorn?

Gandalf: Eh… he’s alright I suppose. He does like to employ the ‘Wizards are never late thing’ a lot though… and I’d probably win in a wizard duel, tbh. 

Estel: Okay, we’re keeping all technology away from Gandalf from now on. He just said ‘tbh’

Gandalf: You must move with the flow of time, child or risk being lost in the undertow of the past. Just sayin’

Estel: No, you can’t say ‘tbh’ and then go back to speaking deep stuff that I don’t care to understand right now, and then end on ‘just sayin.’ Adar!

Elrond: Gandalf, pick one or the other, please, it’s even creeping me out a little bit…

Gandalf: *put upon sigh* As you wish. 

Estel: Also, I’d win in a duel. I don’t have the ability to use fancy magic, but I’m rather good at evading attacks… and since Harry’s magic means he’d essentially only be able to fight me at distance, I’d just need to get close to him and I’d win. Yes, I know there are spells he could use in close proximity but he’d most likely feel more comfortable with ranged spells… 


Anonymous asked: What is the population of Imladris?

Elrond: Uh, to be honest I am never sure. It is constantly changing as travelers pass by and the eldar come and go as they please…